Teardrop banners and feather flags can use a different base depending on where you want to set it up. All of our bases are interchangeable so you can use multiple bases for the same teardrop banner if you need to move locations.

Ground spikes

Ground spikes are the most popular base which allows you to setup the teardrop banner on soft ground surfaces, such as grass, dirt areas, garden beds or in sand at the beach.

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Cross base

Also very popular is the Cross Base stand which allows the stand to be setup on hard surfaces such as indoors or outdoors on concrete. Made of very strong cast iron, this base weights 3.8kg and will stand up in windy conditions. This base is much stronger than the folding base on the market and it’s very easy to pack up for transporting. For additional support you can order a donut shape sandbag weight. This sits over the base and holds the base down.

cross base

Wall Brackets

For a permanent fixture we have Wall Brackets. These can be bolted on to a wall or fence and come with two different angles.
The 0 degree wall bracket holds the teardrop banner straight and the 30 degree wall bracket allows the banner to tilt out on an angle.
All the brackets have the same plate 100mm x 100mm and the holes for the bolts are 70mm apart.

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Car Base

Another option is the Car Base. This option is holds the teardrop banner in place using a car wheel.  You can use this base by driving a front or back wheel over the stand to hold it in place.

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All bases are interchangeable and can be used for any size banner small, medium or large..

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