How to set up a Teardrop Banner

how to set up a teardrop banner

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Installation and Care Instructions for Teardrop Banners

Teardrop Banners are a great way to attract attention to your business or event. Below are some simple tips on how to set up your Teardrop Banner and advice on how to care for the fabric banner.

Installation will only take a few minutes.

  • Firstly, you’ll need to unpack the black carry bag and assemble your flagpole, by joining the pieces together. Simply insert the poles into each other by pushing them together.
  • Once the pole has been assembled you can now attach the teardrop banner. Start by inserted the top of the pole (it has a rubber topper on it) into the pole sleeve and pushing it all the way to the end.  Important: Make sure the pole is pushed all the way to end where the pole sleeve is reinforced. If the pole is not all the way to the end, it can damage your banner.
  • Now you can pull the banner all the way down the pole. The banner will start to bend and once the pole is all the way through to the end, you’ll notice a teardrop shape.
  • Using the tensioning string, tie the banner to the flagpole using the tie sockets.
  • Once your fabric banner is attached to it’s pole, you can now insert the bottom of the pole on to your banner. You teardrop banner is now ready to use.

Caring for your Teardrop Banner
When you first receive your Teardrop Banner it will arrive folded in a sealed bag and may have some creases. These crease will come out by themselves overtime as you use your teardrop banner. If you need to remove any creases quickly, we recommend using a warm iron with an ironing cloth used between the banner and the iron. A hot iron used directly on the banner will damage the fabric.

Should your teardrop banner get dirty you can clean it using cold water and a damp cloth. Secondly, it can also be washed in a washing machine using cold water on a gentle cycle without any detergents or bleach.

Although your Teardrop Banner is made for outdoors and is very durable. We recommended not using it in bad weather, such as heavy rain and strong winds. UV light will slowly weaken the colour, this is unavoidable. Using the Teardrop Banner indoors, the colour will not be affected of time. 

If you have any other questions, regarding our Teardrop Banners, please contact us and we’ll help you.